There’s quite a buzz going on among swimming pool owners about the advantages of saltwater pools. So what’s all the hype about?

To begin with, a saltwater pool actually has chlorine.  The difference between a traditional chlorinated pool and a saltwater pool is that concentrated chlorine is added manually to traditional pool water on an ongoing basis to dissolve in the water and keep the pool free of bacteria, viruses, and algae.  A saltwater pool with a chlorine generator uses an electrolysis process to naturally turn the pool salt into chlorine gas that dissolves in the water. When pool salt is dissolved in pool water and ran through this electrolysis process, the chloride portion of the salt (sodium chloride) is turned into an effective sanitizer that keeps the water clean and clear. When that chlorine dissolves in the water it turns into salt and the process just keeps going in a cycle.

So what are the benefits of a saltwater pool?

  • Comfort. Salt is more gentle on your skin than the chlorine in traditional pools. Also, chlorine can cause red eyes and itchy skin.
  • Chemicals. Decreased use, storage, and handling of toxic chemicals.
  • Care. Requires much less attention than pools that just use chlorine.
  • Cost. Conversion to saltwater is not very expensive and the initial expense should be recovered in a couple of years. The chlorine that would be needed in a year is much more expensive than the amount of salt needed which is very inexpensive.

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