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Raising the Bar On Custom Pool Building and Plastering

Swimming pools used to be just a simple backyard addition or amenity. Now, they are virtually an extension of the home itself. Dave Hagan has specialized in designing and building custom pools for over 15 years in the Osceola County area. Transforming your backyard into an outdoor retreat is what Freesyle Pools does best.

Freestyle Pools has won numerous awards for their pools and their pool design. They have obtained countless editorials and cover-shots in magazines and newspapers in the Central Florida region.

Freestyle Pools goes out of their way to ensure that the homeowners accomplishes their desired look not only for their pool, but their entire backyard. In addition to swimming pools and spas, Freestyle Pools specializes in custom water features, remodels, and re-plastering of pools.

Working with landscapers, builders, architects and interior designers is customary for Freestyle Pools and they are handled with the utmost care to assure the process is hassle-free for the homeowner. Various architects, landscapers, and builders have sought out Freestyle Pools for its ease in coordination of many challenging projects. From conception to completion, Freestyle Pools has earned a reputation for building pools that meet the highest professional standards using the latest technology.

Freetsyle Pools realizes that building a pool is a large investment to homeowners. That aspect is kept in mind as the company tailors your specific pool to fit any price range. From remodel projects to full backyard concepts, Freestyle Pools strives to make every project a top priority. With low overhead and effective construction methods, our company maintains a competitive edge that is essential in today’s challenging economy.

“Customer service after a pool building project is completed is the most important thing we do,” says Dave Hagan. “We don’t consider our job done until we have earned a referral. This ensures the job is done to the homeowner’s satisfaction.” And with this mindset, it is no coincidence that the vast majority of Freestyle Pools’ business is built from referrals and repeat customers.

We never lose sight of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We continue to adapt to fitting the wants and needs of homeowners with each and every pool that we build.

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