Chlorine Pool or a Saltwater Pool?

John Berns Saltwater Pool

Chlorine Pool Pros

Because you don’t have to buy a chlorine generator up front like you would with a salt water pool, a chlorine pool costs less at the start..
Cost – Chlorine pools are less expensive upfront and cost less to maintain, even when you factor in the cost of purchasing chlorine. This is largely because you don’t have to purchase a chlorine generator.

Chlorine Pool Cons

Irritation – We’re all familiar with chlorine’s irritating qualities. Chlorine causes itching, burning, dry skin, green hair and swimsuit fading. It can be uncomfortable to open your eyes underwater.
Maintenance – Without a generator to create chlorine and regulate chlorine levels, you’re in charge of maintaining the proper balance. You’ll need to add chlorine on a regular basis and monitor chlorine levels. You will also need to perform periodic “shock” treatments to prevent algae growth and regulate chlorine levels

Saltwater Pool

Pros Increased comfort – Saltwater pools provide a more comfortable swimming experience because they contain less chlorine. The water is softer on the skin, and it is less likely to cause itching, burning, dry skin, green hair or swimsuit fading. You can open your eyes underwater without irritation. Most people who opt for saltwater pools do so for the increased comfort. No chlorine to buy – Because saltwater pools produce chlorine using a generator, you will never have to worry about purchasing, transporting and adding chlorine to the pool. The price of the generator pays for itself over time. There’s less maintenance to deal with. Self-regulating – The generators in saltwater pools produce a steady flow of chlorine at all times, whereas chlorine pools require regular chlorine treatments to maintain appropriate levels. The steady flow of chlorine reduces algae build-up and maintains a reliable, even level of cleanliness.

Saltwater Pool Cons

Price – Saltwater pool systems are more expensive to install. The salt water generator increases the pool price. Accidentally leaving the generator running 24 hours a day may increase energy costs. Maintenance costs – Metal parts and components will have to be replaced more often because salt has corrosive tendencies. Also, salt chlorination cells need to be inspected about once every three months and replaced every two or three years. Harmful to plants – Saltwater can kill plants and rob nearby soil of important nutrients. Because of this, some (but not many) cities and towns ban saltwater pools.

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